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To-Doは、「必要な栄養を全て摂る」や「洗車する」など、通常のスケジュールで1回だけ実行する必要があるタスクです。 他の例を見るには、To-Doの例を参照してください。









時間の経過とともに、To-Doは徐々に赤みを帯び、達成時にはより多くの経験値ゴールドが得られるようになります。 これにより、古いタスクを完了しようとする動機となるでしょう。



To-Dos entry box and tabs.png

Add a single To-Do task

  1. 「新しいTo-Do」と表示されているボックスにタスクを入力します。
  2. Enterキーを押すか、+ボタンをクリックして確定します。


To-Dos Add Multiple.png

Adding mulitple To-Do tasks at once

  1. 【複数追加】をクリックします。
  2. 大きな白いテキストボックスにTo-Doを入力します。 To-Doを1つ作成したら、Enterキーを押して次のTo-Doを入力します。
  3. 入力が全て終わったら+ボタンをクリックします。


チャットメッセージから直接To-Doを作成する機能もあります。 チャットのページで詳しく知ることができます。



  • 有効:期限のあるなしにかかわらず、完了していないTo-Doをすべて表示します。
  • 期限:あなたの有効なTo-Doのみを、最も期限の近いものから順に表示します。
  • 完了:最近完了したTo-Doを表示します(以下のTo-Doの完了を参照してください)。


The Data Display Tool will also show active, dated, and completed To-Dos. When you have a To-Do due today or overdue, a box appears in its dashboard telling you how many To-Dos are due.

Editing a To-Do

Nice compact checklist.PNG
Edit a To-Do by clicking the pencil icon. In edit mode you can edit the title of the task and add extra notes which appear when a task is moused over. There are a number of other things that can be edited which are explained below.

Adding a Checklist

Checklist editing.png
主記事: Checklist

If you find that a task has several parts, you can add a checklist to your To-Do. This has several benefits, including clearing up your To-Do list and breaking large, daunting tasks into smaller, more workable items.

Adding a Due Date

Dated expand.jpg

Pick a date, any date.

You can add a due date by clicking on the Due Date field. A date-picker will appear. You can also type the date into the Due Date field. Clicking the blue Today button will put the current date as the due date.

When you save the To-Do, the date will appear on it in grey text using the date format selected in Settings. It will appear faded until you hover your mouse over it.

HabitRPG-ToDo-Date Due -Red.png

Due task

The date will change to red when the To-Do is due. This visual indicator is the only function of the due date. The date does not affect the task's value and you are not penalised for failing to complete the To-Do by the due date. A penalty for missing a due date is a requested feature.

To remove a due date, click in the Due Date field, then click the red Clear button.

Adding Tags

主記事: Tags

You can use tags on a To-Do to help with filtering, select the tags that apply to the task by clicking on the box, tasks then can be filtered by selecting tags to be viewed.

Advanced Options

Todos advanced options.png

Assigning Difficulty

Difficulty can be changed in the Advanced Options. You can increase the difficulty setting of particularly difficult or time-consuming To-Dos, thus allowing you to reap more benefits from completing them. 


If you use the task-based auto-allocation feature, the Advanced Options menu will give you four options for Attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Perception, and Constitution. If set, Habitica will distribute your attribute points according to your most common task attributes. The attributes will not appear in the To-Do edit screen if you don't have the task-based auto-allocation feature turned on.


The hardest part about completing a To-Do is doing the To-Do.

Slay Dragon

After you complete the task, clicking the checkbox will turn the To-Do grey, and you will earn the appropriate amounts of experience, gold, and mana points.
Slay Dragon

The To-Do is now marked as complete and will be moved from the "Active" or "Dated" tab to the top of the "Done" tab, which effectively removes it from the visible list of To-Dos. You need to click the "Done" tab  to view your completed To-Dos.

Clicking on a completed To-Do will reactivate it. You will lose the gold, experience, and mana that you had gained when you completed the To-Do. The task then moves back to the bottom of the "Active" tab. If you've made a mistake by ticking the wrong To-Do, this is the way to retrieve it.

However, if you've completed a To-Do but want to add it back to your list to be completed again (for example, monthly repeating tasks), you will need to add it as a new To-Do.

The "Done" tab shows only the 30 most recently completed To-Dos, with the most recent at the top. To see older completed To-Dos, use the Data Display Tool from the Data tab on the toolbar or export your data.

Deleting Completed To-Dos

At the bottom of the "Done" tab is a button marked "Delete Completed" that will permanently delete all of your completed To-Dos (including those not visible in the Done tab but not including those that are part of a challenge). You might wish to do this if you regularly review your completed To-Dos and do not want to keep seeing the ones you've already reviewed. Manually deleting completed To-Dos does not improve performance of the website.

Completed To-Dos are automatically deleted after 30 days for non-subscribers and 90 days for subscribers.

It is impossible to export deleted To-Dos or retrieve them in any other way, so if you want to keep permanent records of your To-Dos, export them regularly.

Rearranging To-Dos

Rearranging Tasks.png

Rearranging a To-Do

As for all tasks, To-Dos can be rearranged by dragging and dropping them in their new position, or by clicking the Push to Top button. (Holding down the Ctrl or Cmd key turns the Push to Top button into a Push to Bottom button for the task.)

If you would like certain, important To-Dos to always appear at the top of the list, there is currently no way to pin them there. If you don't want to keep using Push to Top on them, assign them to a tag called "top" so that filtering by that tag will show you only those important tasks.

If you use both the website and a mobile app, sync before adding new To-Dos otherwise the order of existing To-Dos is likely to change.

When adding To-Dos on the website, add them while viewing the "Active" tab. If you add them while viewing the "Dated" or "Done" tab, the order of existing To-Dos is likely to change.

Help Button

The help button is in the top right corner of the To-Dos column. This button, when clicked, will reveal some quick information about To-Dos and how to get started with making tasks, etc. This is a faster way to help with To-Dos, but this wiki page is just a more in-depth information provider.


The amount of experience and gold earned depends on the To-Do's task value. However, after the value reaches -47.27 (when the To-Do is about a month old), further changes in the value do not have any additional effect on the experience and gold earned.

The amount of mana points earned is equal to 1% of your maximum MP.

If the To-Do contains a checklist, when you mark the To-Do as completed each completed (checked off) checklist item adds equal amount gold, experience and MP as the To-Do would provide on its own, so a To-Do with one item ticked off provides twice as much as a To-Do with no checklist; with two items ticked off provides three times as much and so on. At present To-Dos with checklists still drop up to one item at most and cannot produce multiple drops.

Eventually you might think: "Why should I do my To-Dos right away, when they're worth the least amount of points, instead of waiting until they're huge and then cashing them in? Isn't that backwards of what you want -- to get To-Dos off fast?"      

The reasoning behind doing it this way is this: If To-Dos diminished in value as they aged, then you would want to do the ones that were red even less, because they wouldn't be worth much after a certain point. Consequently, there would be less point to doing anything you hadn't done right away. With the current system, you have a greater incentive to eventually get around to doing the older To-Dos, especially for things that cannot be done quickly or easily, such as long term goals that take a lot of effort.  

"Instant" To-Dos (ones you put on your list only to check them off immediately) may seem to have the lowest value initially, but they also provide an immediate experience, gold, and mana return, which can bring you closer to something you want to buy or an extra spell cast on that day, instead of deliberately waiting for a To-Do to turn red.

Progress Bar

To-Do Progress Panel.png
Clicking the progress icon in the top right hand corner of the column will open the progress panel. This will show you the cumulative task value of all your To-Dos.

In the example to the right, the player has many red To-Dos which are adding to a large negative score.

You can see the individual task values using the Data Display Tool > Task Overview and filtering Type as To-Do.

See Also

Known Bugs

To-Dos Become Unsorted

説明 Sometimes when you sort your To-Dos, some or all of them will become unsorted, either immediately after you have sorted them, or later when you add new To-Dos.
解決法 The workaround is to post to the Report a Bug guild to say that your To-Do sort order is not being saved. An admin will then cleanse some data in your account which will fix the problem. You cannot fix this problem yourself. In particular, deleting completed To-Dos will NOT help (it used to help for a previous version of this bug, but it won't make any difference now).
Octocat.png habitica 問題 #7645